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Dear members, friends and inquirers of The Fellowship of the Inexhaustible Cup,

As some of you may know, six months ago Matushka Cynthia and I closed our small business and made the decision to “live by faith” trusting Our Lord God in all things and for all things so that I could go to Roswell, Georgia for proper training and preparation for the Holy Priesthood. After successfully completing a very blessed training period we then relocated to Natural Bridge Station in Virginia to join our dear friend, Archpriest Fr. John Moses in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

Simultaneously, after much hard work, we were granted the formal non profit status (501C3) by the IRS.  We are very appreciative and indebted to Father Gordon, our spiritual father, of 21 years, for his willingness to sponsor the Fellowship until it could acquire its own independence.

We are grateful for our dear friend, Mother Andrea Abbess of St. Nicholas Monastery (ROCOR) in N. Ft. Myers, Florida for her loving support to us and the Fellowship over the years.  By the grace of God, I was given the greatest blessing of my life besides the Sacrament of Holy Marriage.  I was ordained to the Holy Priesthood by the loving hands of our Metropolitan, His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion, First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad on December 18, 2014 at  St. Nicholas (Women’s) Monastery, thanks be to God.   (See photos below)

For those that may not know, our relocation to Natural Bridge Station not only provides a home for the Fellowship of the Inexhaustible Cup but includes the development of a Center for healing and Orthodox spirituality where men and women will be able to come on retreat.  Fr. John Moses and I are working with a wonderful Orthodox couple who are sponsoring the use of a beautiful historical house to be used for the development of this work along with other wonderful non profit causes.   This property is located about ten minutes away from one of the most important state parks on the East Coast, Natural Bridge State Park, a geological formation which was once owned by Thomas Jefferson and considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

With the blessing of our Metropolitan Hilarion, Fr. John and I will begin to celebrate the Divine Liturgy every week as part of an in home chapel in the historical house where he will act as the senior pastor and I will serve as associate pastor.

Since I have been given the responsibility of program director of this Center, I am in the process of proposing a few weekend retreats which will could be offered as early as this spring. Updates for these events will be available on our website:

We are very grateful to God for one of our faithful members whose name is Dr. Val Finnell.  He has agreed to become our Fellowship membership coordinator and we together are working on providing a Google Hangout for members and inquirers to participate in.  This forum will include a videoconference-teaching format as well as a question and answer period available to both video and audio participants.

For further information, please feel free to contact Val or me.  I am also going to be interviewed by a member of Ancient Faith Radio this month.  This recording will then be presented on Ancient Faith Radio in the near future.

We continue to thank God and Our Lady of the Inexhaustible Cup and look for anyone who might benefit from membership participation. As you all know, the Fellowship of the Inexhaustible Cup is committed as a ministry of intercession to Akathist prayers offered daily to the Mother of God.  We are very much in need of more members as well as any financial contributions given to the Fellowship for its ongoing growth and development. 

We also encourage new members and inquirer to consider the benefits of our praying “for one another” under the Omophor of the Mother of God, known as “the Inexhaustible Cup” for ongoing healing and spiritual growth.

We remain the servants of Our Lord and Our Lady of the Inexhaustible Cup,

Fr. Christophe and Matushka Cynthia

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